Vein closure using cyanoacrylate adhesive (bio glue)

Program duration: 2 days

This is the newest, the most advanced and the safest endovenous surgery technique.
BioGlue as a treatment method was introduced to the world only in 2012, and Latvia is the fifth country in the world to use it.
This is not a thermal or chemical ablation method, so it allows treatment of patients to whom anaesthetics are not recommended. The vein gets closed on the inside by special organic glue and then turns into connective tissues. The procedure is completely painless and requires no anaesthesia. No hematomas (bruising) and skin numbness develop after the procedure.
It is possible that this method will replace all thermal ablation techniques.
Method would be recommended for patients wishing maximum comfort and visual effects on the very next day after surgery. This technique requires no need for compression stockings.

Service includes:

  • Consultation with doctor phlebologist
  • Duplex ultrasonography
  • Surgery (one leg)
  • Extirpation of collaterals
  • Local anesthesia
  • 2nd day control visit and compression sock.
  • Overnight stay in clinic (breakfast and dinner included)

Preparation for treatment:

  • phlebologists conclusion that surgery is needed
  • results of duplexsonography
  • images of leg/legs wanting to be operated
  • blood tests prior the operation (not older than 2 weeks)
Full blood analysis
Glucose level in blood
Urea, bilirubin, ASAT, ALAT
Group of blood + Rh factor
Markers for hepatitis B, C
Urine analysis
  • X-ray of thorax (made during the last year)  

Suitability of surgery to the patient 

Suitability for operation for every patient is determined with help of blood analyses. In case of severe liver, kidney, lung, heart illnesses or inherited conditions risk of surgery is increased. 

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