Raimonds Karls

  • Skin disease and neoplasm diagnostics (optical and digital dermoscopy, SIAscopy, skin ultrasonography);
  • Elimination of skin formations (surgical and laser destruction);
  • Treatment and prevention of skin diseases.


  • Medical University of Graz (Austria) Academic Expert and Master of Science Dermoscopy and Preventive dermatooncology, distance education;
  • European Skin College – Diploma of the European Skin College (autumn session), Athens, Greece;
  • Medical University of Graz (Austria) „International Dermoscopy Diploma”, finished with excellence;
  • Doctoral candidate at Riga Stradins University;
  • Latvian Medical Academy (AML) - Riga Stradins University (RSU), Faculty of Continuing Education, Residency Course in dermatovenereology;
  • Moscow Institute of Dentistry, Department of Neurodiagnostics, courses in echoencephalography and dopplerography;
  • Riga Medical Institute, later Latvian Medical Academy (AML), Faculty of Paediatrics;
  • Riga Medical Institute, School of Young Medical Students.

Professional assotiation member

  • Head of the Board of the Latvian Dermoscopy Association;
  • Head of the Board of Academy „Dermatologists against Skin Cancer”;
  • Vice-president of the Latvian Aesthetic Laser Surgery Association;
  • Member of International Dermoscopy Society (IDS);
  • Member of the European Academy of Dermatovenereology (EADV);
  • Head of the Board of the Latvian Association of Dermatovenereologists (LDVA);
  • Member of the World Skin Cancer Foundation.

Language skills

  • Latvian, Russian, English.



Doctor provides following services: