Health Center 4

Health Center 4

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Working hours:
k.d. 8.00- 20.00 izņ. Se., sv.

Health Centre 4 (HC4) is now the largest and the most modern private healthcare clinic in Latvia with 18-year experience. Working as a team, HC4 offers high-quality versatile diagnostics, differentiated treatment and rehabilitation for each customer on an individual basis.

HC4 specializes in check-ups using the programmes corresponding to patients’ age, gender and financial solvency, under the supervision of experienced physicians. The wide range of MRI, computed tomography, digital radiology, and ultrasound of premium class, as well as functional and endoscopic diagnostic equipment provides convincing results. The range of diagnostic equipment is constantly upgraded and improved in order to keep the market power. HC4 particularly specialises in diagnostics and treatment of pathologies of leg veins. Three clinics offer globally recognised treatment methods and their combinations.

Health Centre 4 has a wide network of branches and affiliated companies:

  • Baltic Vein Clinic
  • Dermatology and Surgery Clinic
  • Jugla Clinic
  • Diagnostics Centre
  • Beauty Clinic 4th Dimension
  • Wellslim Centre
  • Children’s Health Centre
  • Diplomatic Service Medical Centre
  • Gym and Rehabilitation Department Klubs 4
  • Vaccination Department
  • Diagnostic and Occupational Health Departments, etc.

ISO 9001:2008 

Our doctors

  • Raimonds Karls

    Raimonds Karls
    Skin disease and neoplasm diagnostics (optical and digital dermoscopy, SIAscopy, skin ultrasonography); Elimination of skin formations (surgical and laser destruction); Treatment and prevention of skin diseases.
  • Pēteris Gerke

    Certified surgeon, phlebologist, surgeon specializing in proctology
    Pēteris Gerke
     Performs all kinds of surgeries: steam vein sclerosis (SVS); endovenous laser treatment (EVT); endovenous radiofrequency ablation (ERFA); vein surgeries according to Miller-Varady method. Performs sclerotherapy of...
  • Linda Kapteine

    Linda Kapteine
    Diagnostic of fungal skin and nail diseases, including skin biopsy; Diagnostic and treatment of skin neoplasms and pigment lesions, including dermoscopic examination ; Removal of warts and papillomas by electrocoagulation and...