Baltic Vein clinic

Baltic Vein clinic

+371 25409555 (Healthcaretravel consultant)
Kr. Barona iela 115, Riga
Working hours:
Weekdays 8.00-20.00

Currently, the Baltic Vein clinic is the largest and most modern vein treatment clinic in Baltics. It was established at the highest international standards building on the experience of other countries, integrating the best and creating its own best Latvian model. The expanded vein diagnostic and treatment using all modern methods and their combinations applied in the world all are available in one medical institution.

The most suitable treatment method for each patient is found to achieve the best results. In Latvia, there are various methods applied, such as: endoluminal vein laser therapy – EVLT, endoluminal vein radiofrequency surgery – RFO, EVRF, as well as endovenous thermal ablation with steam microimpulses – SVS, endovenous vein closure using bioglue and sclerotherapy. The very latest method in the vein treatment is endovenous vein closure using bioglue, which is absolutely painless, does not make any harm to surrounding tissues, there is no need for a tumescent anaesthesia and compression stockings, and patients can begin again their daily routine right after the procedure.

Baltic Vein clinic provides all modern vein treatment:

  • Vein laser surgery
  • Radio frequency surgery
  • Steam micro impulse surgery
  • Vein closure using biological glue
  • Sclerotherapy (using foam)

ISO 9001:2008

Our doctors

  • Ints Ūdris

    Certified vascular surgeon, phlebologist, surgeon, vascular Doppler ultrasound professional
    Ints Ūdris
    Performs all kinds of vein surgeries: steam vein sclerosis (SVS); endovenous laser treatment (EVT); endovenous radiofrequency ablation (ERFA); vein closure using cyanoacrylate adhesive; vein surgeries according to...
  • Pēteris Gerke

    Certified surgeon, phlebologist, surgeon specializing in proctology
    Pēteris Gerke
     Performs all kinds of surgeries: steam vein sclerosis (SVS); endovenous laser treatment (EVT); endovenous radiofrequency ablation (ERFA); vein surgeries according to Miller-Varady method. Performs sclerotherapy of...
  • Linda Kapteine

    Linda Kapteine
    Diagnostic of fungal skin and nail diseases, including skin biopsy; Diagnostic and treatment of skin neoplasms and pigment lesions, including dermoscopic examination ; Removal of warts and papillomas by electrocoagulation and...